Del Sur Residence

“Del Sur” derives from a Spanish phrase meaning southward or southward looking. Del Sur presents a selection of just 6 superb apartments situated on the top side of the prestigious Riga Fereou neighbourhood in Limassol centre.

Thoughtfully designed, Del Sur embodies the best of contemporary living harmonized with beautiful and practical spaces enlaced in quality materials. It is unmistakably proposing of beautiful views, sunlight, liveliness and priceless moments.

The Neighbourhood

Riga Fereou area is home to some of Limassol’s most renowned personalities such as prominent artists, statesmen and business people. This timeless neighbourhood is indulged with villas, modern elegant houses, green areas and safe spaces for careless walks and leisure. The magic with this neighbourhood is that this classy and serene setting is found right in the heart of the city. Limassol is literally at your feet with 5’ minute walks from any services, the high street or the beachfront.

Main advantages

  • Great Neighbourhood
  • Key Location
  • High-Ceilings
  • Advanced technology provisions
  • Impressive exteriors & interiors
  • Cooling and heating with VRV systems

The Location


2 min drive to Motorway Access


5 min walk to Supermarket


8 min walk to School


10 min walk to Makarios Avenue


8 min drive to Limassol Marina


9 min walk to Bank

The Apartments

Del Sur exudes minimal sophistication and organic individuality. It was designed to embrace the view and create an open feel using a mixture of light and shading to mirror the natural world outside.

All apartments are designed and built to the highest standards with all the advantages of modern living. High ceilings, hidden LED lighting and ceiling mounted A/C units are some of the criteria used to experience an unparalleled luxury lifestyle.

Each apartment is also designed for day-to-day convenience. Bright, airy living spaces for people to live in, to laugh in and to write their own stories.

Floor Plans

Project Gallery