DOMO = どうもありがとう

Domo is the Japanese word for gratitude and a close adaptation of the Greek word philotimo– words without exact translations but which convey a heart-message. We are inspired by the enthusiasm of people who trust us with their precious space, and they can rest assured that we will honour them with a place they will be delighted to call home.

We integrate our value system into our business. We build our business and our homes to reflect the way we want our world to be .This philosophy of care, respect and gratitude lives in our hearts and guides us as we build spaces that combine beauty and functionality, spaces that will intrigue your mind and inspire your soul.

Our Approach

People-centered Developments

Building a great home requires a combination of uncompromising attention to detail from the first idea to the final decorative touch; careful and considered selection of materials that will provide quality, reliability and luxury; and a passion for functional aesthetics that creates an inspirational space.

We design homes that make life better for people. That sounds straightforward but demands revolutionary thinking. Every little detail must be handled in a way that stays true to our vision and achieves the optimum within the physical confines of the plot, the requirements of the legal framework, respect for the environment, and of course the final price tag.

Our Sites

As the saying goes “Location, Location, Location”.

Magic happens when we discover the ideal parcel of land in the right place at the right time. Creating thoughtfully designed homes starts with acquiring that specific site where we already know we can deliver on our vision.

In any given scenario one thing is for sure; our wealth of expertise and depth of understanding of the real estate industry combined with our clarity of vision allows us to unlock the potential of each carefully selected location and compose beautiful buildings that harmonise with their surroundings.


Building a team to build excellence

In building our team we have been driven to find partners who share our values and speak a similar language of care and excellence. We have searched for people with the urge and disposition to push boundaries and go that extra mile to create amazing thoughtful homes.


Environmental +A standards

Domo Property is committed to implementing best practice in the construction industry and we take action to ensure that we minimize our impact on the environment and make a positive contribution through sustainable design and construction. We carefully consider each project’s wider impact as a result of our development and we strive to deliver major improvements to the public realm and the built environment.