Our Partners

Our passion for design and determination to work with the very best are at the core of Domo’s pursuit of excellence. We select people and businesses who are at the top of their game in each specific field or industry, who share our philosophy, and who can work with us to deliver our vision.


Stamataris Architects is one of the top architect firms on the island and has more than thirty years experience. The founder, Petros Stamataris, and his associates are widely appreciated for their imaginative use of space. Stamataris Architects are committed to providing uncompromising quality and excellence. Their featured projects include:

  • EDT offices
  • Ayia Napa Hotel
  • Golf Resort


Choosing our building contractors was an easy decision. Our goal was to select from amongst the very best of the island, then let them get on with doing what they do best. CYFIELD Group is currently the biggest contractor company here, with projects that range from high skyscrapers to landmark stadiums and buildings. Their featured projects include:

  • 360 Nicosia
  • The ARC Ship
  • Limassol New Stadium


Without doubt, Hyperstatic are the most successful consulting engineers on the island, with a proven record of more than thirty years. Their professionalism and expertise enables A.S.D. Hyperstatic Engineering team, to succeed with projects that no other local company could handle. Examples of previous projects include:

  • The Oval
  • DelMare
  • Columbia Plaza


Natasa Yenagritou and her associates bring a fresh era of taste and comfort to a home. With a surprising level of experience for a young team, they specialise in creating the best of apartment living style.